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Tomorrow 7th of January one of my compositions will be played at the acousmatic festival SONIX in Brno (Czech Republic) along with other compositions from Kees Tazelaar, Bjarni Gunnarsson, Dan Dlouhý, Miša Skalskis and Jiří Suchánek.

Text of the event:

The first concert of the planned series of listening evenings of international acousmatic music, will feature next to each other the compositions of well known composers, students and pedagogues of contemporary electroacoustic music and will use the surround sound as an integral means of expression. The project is being developed with the collaboration of the famous Institute of Sonology from The Hague and the Multimedia Composition of HF JAMU. Come to immerse yourself into a deep, concentrated, composed density of frequencies and sonic processes. The concert is concieved as pure listening of fixed media pieces, without a visual component, in the dark. Most of the the compositions are mixed and composed for 8-channel surround sound. The concert will take place in the main hall of the Theater in Orlí, Brno, Czech Republic. Symbolic entrance: 50,- Kč.

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